Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kobachi (small bowl).

I love how gravity merges a melting glaze into another.
The blue glaze inside this bowl has a lovely depth when held in the light. Unfortunately it really needs to be held in person to see.
I continue to be amazed by the nuka (white) glaze. It has 33% wood ash (saved from my studio fireplace over Winter) this glaze has a solid white obtained from the ash and some lovely yellow specs from what must be little bits of iron (I know it's from the course black bits of ash). The other ingredients are Silica_33% Potash Feldspar_33%.
This bowl along with some others is on its way to Planet furniture in Sydney. If your in the area perhaps drop in and have a look. 
Planet also has a great selection of other ceramics.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Saltbush berries on platter.

Saltbush berries (2.5mm) on a stoneware plater with nuka glaze.

Summer is here now and the house is getting hot. The saltbush berries are ripe and on mass. They need to be on mass as they are so small, but a small hand full is just the thing to end the day; sprinkled on a bowl of vanilla icecream.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The last of Spring.

It's just turned Summer.
Spring was a charged atmosphere of lightning and thunder and heavy rain to match, it's a stark contrast to a prolonged drought lasting 12 years.
My garden has almost become a jungle. Filled with flowers of all colours, and bees buzzing with a confusion for choice.

The Bud vases in the photo are available at SMALLpieces.