Friday, October 31, 2014

Made for dipping.

I just had this though of a double walled platter for biscuits to fit around the outside. So this is what I just threw. Maybe the inside wall will have to be vertical. What do you think? The issue is that there is an awkward section on the inside that will be hard to extract the dip from with the biscuits. Perhaps that will be the reserve of the celery and carrot.


This is a fairly large yunomi that I made to accommodate my coffee habit.
I like a big coffee, and at first this was more than adequate. But it's like a house. No matter how big it is, you end up filling it.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A thrown foot.

A freshly thrown foot.
Left in a "rough" state, awaiting to be cleaned up when a little (in a few hours) dryer.

The bowl has been finished in its "greenware" stage and it's now in a draft free cupboard to dry very slowly. With a different clay for the foot, it's likely that it will crack where it is joined. So all precautions are being taken.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fresh clay.

I know your supposed to wait 3 Months, but I made this clay this morning.
Make clay, add yoghurt and wait 3 months for it to mature. The yoghurt feeds bacteria, bacteria eat the edges of the clay particles and let the water penetrate further.
This is fine if your not curious. I'm wanting to see what colour this fires too, and putting a little ball of it in the kiln doesn't cut it sometimes. I'm interested to see what the iron oxide fires like. I bought it from the local hardware store. Meant for colouring concrete it's not as refined as my usual source. I think this is why you can see it streaking.

The base will be narrowed a little when I throw a foot on. The clay gets pushed across to work in with the added foot clay and help it all meld together.