Saturday, July 26, 2008

Altered vessel.

almost front view.

side view. spout on left side.

How do I describe this piece?
It's got a spout, but no handle.
You can use the groove to hold it securely.
Is it a jug or a pourer, or simply a vessel?
Perhaps an altered vessel?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Porcelain with some colour.

Two porcelain vessels from a heavy reduction firing. Only red iron oxide was used to achieve the various colours. The blue is an optical blue.

Stoneware bowl.

A good bowl for pumpkin soup. It's getting cold here in central Victoria.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Itiko" tea cup.

This is a tea cup with an iron oxide slip on the rim. The slip is made from the stoneware clay I dug from the ground (70%) some potash feldspar and whiting with a little red iron oxide make up the remaining 30%. The whiting and Potash feldspar lower the melting temp. of the stoneware clay, so it melts like a gaze.

Old cameras go on forever.

I was hoping my camera would return from long service (4 years of faithful work) leave. But, it seems it has decided to retire to the camera museum. Interestingly in my museum of family cameras, the oldest ones still work. There are 3 Kodak cameras; a SIX-20 "BROWNIE" C, Brownie Junior 620 and a junior 616 that has a bellows lens. Similar to the 616 is an Ensign selfix 420 also written on it is "EPSILON" is this related to "Epson". Must Wikipedia that.
They all use 120 roll film, still available. One camera has a roll still in it. I discovered that to my surprise, and quickly closed it. Now I can't remember which one it was. I will open them again one day in a dark room. It would be quite exciting to process it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whipstick indigenous plants.

Does anyone want to give me some money for a Canon EOS 450D? I think I'll be saving up for that as a replacement for my doomed Ixus.

Last photo's/post, for a while.

My camera died today! These are cropped versions of the last photos, taken in my garden this morning. It was my favourite little camera, a Canon IXUS 500. I tried to buy a new battery for it last year in London, and the person behind the counter almost laughed. Said that's a very old camera, (bought in 2004) try eBay. So am I supposed to only expect 4 years service from a digital camera? Give me back my Canon EOS 630 with a roll of 35mm film. That camera never had a problem, and I even made a profit on the sale price.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kangaroos and a reduction firing.

I had four kilns going today. The Raku kiln outside had some lamb bones sintering at 680 deg. c. But I thought it wise not to upload the photos. I'm going to make some bone china. The bones are from the paddocks of a farm. Denis collected them; so nothing gruesome, just all natural/organic.
Inside I had a gas kiln doing a reduction firing to 1280 deg. c. and two electric kilns doing a bisque fire. So, lots to attend to today. Also made some more filter pressed clay; or should I say Denis did, I did scarcely anything to help.
At lunchtime a mob of roos visited the studio. I think they enjoy the new patch of green grass. We’ve had some regular rain over the last month. Is the 8+ year drought coming to its end? Crossed fingers, lets hope.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sophie Milne's wonderfully thrown vessels.

One of Sophie's refreshment sets in charcoal. You can see the real thing at Craft Victoria etc. Visit for more info.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I've just set up my etsy shop!
Pictured is my first item for sale on it.
My new general purpose bowl. Weighs 185 grams and holds 275mls.
102mm wide at rim x 62mmh. You can buy as many as you want on etsy.

As they are hand made on a potter’s wheel, they vary slightly.

Fairfield Industrial Dog Object (FIDO)

"By Alistair Knox, Ian Sinclair, Jacki Staude and David Davies.

Through the use of sensors and digital controls, FIDO talks to passers by, wags its tail, wiggles its ears and lights up at night.The materials used, the form and the interactive nature of this monumental work were chosen specifically to respond to the friendliness and vitality of Fairfield Village and enhance the sense of community for this dog-loving precinct.Location: Fairfield"
I went to Melbourne/Fairfield to see a man about a dog. Lol!I went to town again this week. It's cold in Melbourne! So, another trip on the train, but with success this time. Though returning Friday night meant a full train. I was fortunate to have booked my seat though. So, reserved seat, lucky.