Sunday, April 20, 2008

some of my bowls from the woodfiring.

Well I've discovered the joys of a wood firing. At the beginning I was so enthused by all the fire that I was determined that I was going to build a wood fire kiln in the back yard. But, soon I was to discover the "candle", a massive jet of fire coming up through the 20ft. chimney. I think I would have trouble calming the neighbours, let alone the neighbourhood.
My fave bowls are the subtle ones. A few ash spots(some of the ash from the fire gets into the kiln and leaves black stain marks where it lands on the bowl)(wood ash can be used by itself to make a glaze) and a normal thickness of glaze, the really thickly glazed bowls have drippings of glaze. This runs against the seasoned wood firers, who told me I must make the glaze thick. And the more ash marking, the better.


Charlie said...

Make your photo's bigger... or link to a Picasa web album or similar.

You need to find a way to harness the energy in the "candle"!

andrew widdis said...

I'm sure I could rig something to swing a billy over it! lol.