Thursday, June 26, 2008

Southern Cross Station.

I went to Melbourne by train this week. On the trip down we stopped at Sunbury for about 20 minutes waiting/hoping that a faulty signal would be repaired. The conductor joked to a colleague that they would normally hand out free tea and coffee, but they ran out of hot water before Bendigo. Finally they threw us of the train and onto coaches. I had upgraded to first class for the trip and now I was crammed into a bus with screaming kids, not happy!
The trip back was better, but I almost missed the train taking these photos. I thought I’d take a look around as it was a 30 minute wait on a cold platform for the train. While upstairs from the platform I heard an announcement that my train was leaving. By the time I had run down the escalator the announcement said stand clear of the yellow line, the train is now departing. I found an open door and leapt through it, just as the train started rolling. It was a nice ride back home, but a cold walk from the station.

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