Sunday, September 27, 2009


I've been in Melbourne, but missed the Footy. It's the best time of year to get around town and see things. Although not the best Melbourne Spring weather yesterday, the fact that almost everyone was either in front of a TV or at the "G" meant getting around was a breeze. Melbourne was almost like a ghost town from 2PM Then at about 4, I made my dash for the Calder Freeway and home, before the mob took over town again. On the horizon in the direction of home were some very heavy rain clouds. Could not think of anything worse than 2 hours driving in rain with Commodores constantly overtaking and throwing more water on the windscreen. That was my trip down on Friday.

Pictured above is Eureka tower an intriguing building, different from every angle, Some really ugly some stunning. I think I found my favourite angle the other week. From Southbank you can view it between two buildings at it's narrowest. Though it's too close for my 50mm lens to capture. I'll take my little Canon Ixus next time, That fits in almost everything (though the downside is the lines get distorted)

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