Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cross your fingers for me.

I fired a kiln o/night. It was at 1200 deg. c. when I checked it in the morning. The next time I checked it (about two hours later) it was at 950 deg. c. with the alarm going (meaning it had failed to reach temp) It has taken me the rest of today to get it to 1290 deg. c. (cone 10). The elements are getting old and it seems reluctant to do it's job these days. it's a tedious job replacing elements, but I guess it's time. Hopefully it didn't get too close to temp. the first time. It will be an anxious wait to open it. Added 16/10/2009

Well, I think the kiln must have got V close to cone 10 (1290 deg. C.) the first time, it definately got to cone 10 the second time. The coloured slip I placed on the rim has run twice as much as usual. You can see a dribble near the foot (it looks like it's not attached to the foot, but, it is)another few mm. and it would have stuck the bowl to the kiln shelf. This effect is quite beautiful, but very risky. I think I'll keep this one for my collection.

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Linogirl said...

I hate it when that happens! The sound of the alarm makes you panic, it's like the thing is going to explode any minute! But when you FINALLY get to open the door there everything is sitting in the quietest of ways.

Good luck. I would get the elements changes ASAP!