Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Penguin pourers Mark III.

It's interesting how you can think you've made something that's as good as it's going to get. Then the next lot make them look daggy. It almost makes me think I should just make them for myself. I am still haunted by some of the first ceramics I made. I gave them to family and friends. I was proud of them at the time, but, with good intention, they come out at social events and horrify me. I had the pleasure of finding some of these early pieces in my Brothers kitchen in Copenhagen; what must those style conscious Danes think of my tentative early pieces?
I'm puzzled by the realisation that I will look back at these little penguin pourers and think them daggy too.
I'm hopeful that perhaps this time it might take a little longer. I really like these ones.


Anna said...

I know what you mean. My mother inlaw has some of my very first thrown bowls - they are clunky yet she is taking them with her to the retirement village. I cringe when I look at them.
I also like your penguin pourers - my son is in Antarctica waiting for the boat to bring him back. Your post remind me of photos of the Adelie penguins. I'm sure you will love these for ages and ages.

Sophie Milne said...

But Andrew it's just as bad when someone shows you a piece they bought from you ten years ago and you think 'Gee that's really good, I hope I haven't lost that freshness.'

Oh,why do we worry so?! If it is bringing someone pleasure then it is all good, surely.