Monday, January 25, 2010

Honours year 2010.

I'll be back at Uni. this year (2010).
I felt I was loosing direction last year, and thought access to people and equipment in one place would be the best way to find that direction.
My research will investigate the relevance of hand made ceramic tableware in today's disposable society.
A topic that is obviously very close to me and one that I think we all need to think about.
I will pose the following questions:
1. Is a craftsperson's skill irrelevant in a developed society.
2. Should a person who has a desire to use their hands for making, more than is just practical, only make "art".
3. Should something like tableware have something to offer other than just the function of containing food.
4. Can it add warmth and well-being through being individual; containing within a sense of the humanity that made it.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Sinéad said...

I've also been thinking about the questions you are asking for my dissertation. You should read 'The Craftsman'- Richard Sennett if you haven't already. Its a really interesting look on the role of the Craftsman in the 21st Century.
Where is the masters course you are starting? Is it RMIT? I want to move back to Melbourne and I'm thinking of applying there after graduation but don't know much about it.

andrew widdis said...

Thanks for your comment.
I've read bits of 'The Craftsman'- Richard Sennett; I agree.
I'm at LaTrobe (Bendigo campus) It's great for its range of kilns (wood-fire, gas, electric) and ample space.
I've studied at RMIT previously, but in Electronic publishing; So, unfortunately not familiar with the ceramics department (I must look into it, and get back to you).

You should consider ANU (Australian National University) School of Art; The only downside, it's in Canberra.
ANU School of Art/Ceramics:

LaTrobe Uni/Ceramics:

RMIT Uni/Ceramics:

Cheers, Andrew.