Friday, February 26, 2010

White ash glaze.

The bowl has a sgraffito line under the glaze, which makes the ash glaze crawl. 
The cup has a red iron oxide brush work under the glaze.  
33% of this glaze came from my fire place, and It was totally black before firing.  

The orange line at the bottom of the glaze is fuming from the ash. The body and glaze have been heavily reduced from 900 °C to finish at cone 10.
Inside the vessels is a tenmoku glaze.
I'm off to the kitchen to complete the cup with Caffè latte.

Ash glaze recipe: 33/33/33 eucalyptus (Whipstick Iron Bark) ash/silica/potash feldspar(soda feldspar makes a glossy crazed blue (the green spot in the image above is most likely a fleck of iron oxide).


Anonymous said...

beautiful pieces andrew. the ash looks great... don't have eucalyptus in my neck of the woods

Sophie Milne said...

Really lovely cup Andrew. I love the direction your work is going at the moment. It seems incredibly reflective of and sensitive to your environment.