Thursday, March 25, 2010

340 grams.

The Australian Ceramic Association announced its 2010 members’ exhibition: 340 grams.
Though I am not a member at this point. I never the less took it as a challenge.

So far, this is the result. Only bisqued, I had to up load some photo's before glaze firing it. Around the base I applied some lite salt, and the result is some subtle flashing. I suspect this will burn out somewhere on it's journey to cone 10 (1280°C).

I think I'll glaze it with a gloss zircon inside and top 3rd, and clear gloss to the base. Hopefully this will protect some of the flashing. Though having never added salt to a green ware piece and seen the lovely flashing on the bisqued result, I am in new territory.

Any suggestions keenly sought!

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Elaine Bradley said...

Lite salt? Meaning ordinary kitchen type salt, low sodium type? How applied, in a water solution? Dying to see how this evolves. You are doing something I've had on the to do list for ages, it is great fun watching you do it instead. Reaching for my rock salt and sea salts to now ... mmmm