Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After 11 years of drought, I think it almost safe to say we're entering a period of average rainfall.
Last Winter was just below average, but this Winter it's rained nearly every day, I'm over it.
Over the last few years of visiting the Whipstick forest, it had become beautiful for its desolation. So much of the bush had been dead for so long that as you walked, it simply crumbled if you made contact with it.
Now it's so lush that the colours are almost gross.
Orchids, violets and fungi popping up everywhere. Most I have never seen before.
I wonder whether my ceramics are about to enter a new "colour" phase.

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Anna said...

Thanks for sharing these images - I haven't seen those plants for ages and they evoke nostalgic feelings for my childhood walks in the bush :^)