Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scarred vessels.

Well I've become quite confident at knocking my vessels around. Pulling at the inside with a chop stick until it tears, then plugging it with a bit of clay, then rotating it at speed and ripping through the vertical ridge. Then centre (make it symmetrical) it by throwing it on the wheel again.
It's quite a release to destroy a perfectly round vessel.
The next stage, glazing, I'm finding a challenge. I can't quite settle on what I want. Gloss, matte, satin. Dipped, dribbled, brushed. One glaze or?

This is all the result of the wonderful "Tea and Zen" exhibition  I went to at the NGV.
So sad it ended in August.

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Sophie Milne said...

Beautiful form Andrew. Loving that foot:body ratio. It looks so right.

I'm going through a patch of liking my work so much more before it's glaze fired so won't give any suggestions regarding glazes!