Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going black to be green.

I've turned my blog site black today, as I realized with a couple thousand hits a month, even if you only look at my blog for a second. That's a lot of monitors I'm lighting up.
So to offset computer use, I've reduced the amount of pixels a monitor needs to use to show my blog. 
So the more people that look at my blog, the more carbon neutral I become*.

Above, are my Silex (Australian made) solar panels. I had them installed about 9 months ago now. I was feeling guilty about firing an electric kiln. So to off set this I decided feeding solar into the grid and taking back for a firing, was about as carbon neutral as I could be. So I think next to wood firers, that's pretty good, if not better.

While I'm professing my greenness.
I've just purchased an Asko front load washer, the most energy and water efficient one I could find. I also have an Asko dishwasher, again the most efficient one I could find. My lighting has been those fluorescent globes for over 6 years now. Though I am concerned about the mercury issue on disposal. Click here for correct disposal info.
My heating is either locally sourced Iron bark, Eucalyptus (a slow burning hard wood) Actually the wood I've been burning since last year was a tree that died as a result of the Bendigo bush fire. It's a fantastic wood to burn, two logs and I'm good for the day. My other heating is from  IXL Quasar Premier, Made in Geelong, Australia, they are those efficient electric wall panels.
So my purchase ethics are: buy local if possible, and as efficient as possible.
It will cost more money for the initial outlay, but will last longer and cost less to your hip pocket and environment in the long run.
I think we all need to do what we can to reduce our flow of cash to the oil and coal barons. I have no personal evidence that humans cause global warming; I'm happy to accept that we do. What I'd like to suggest though is even if global warming becomes a non event. I don't want my environment to be one of pollution. Here in Australia we are relatively free of car and industry emitted pollution., but I live in the country, and when I drive towards Melbourne, I always see a dome of pollution hanging over it. All those millions of people there are breathing in small particle heavy metals. Causing untold cancers and lung disease.
Even without the dire consequence of a debated global warming. The health issues caused by industry is undisputed.
Your future health has already been compromised.
Wow, all this and I'm not a Lefty or a Greenie.
We've been talking about Global warming since the mid '80s and we're still talking about what to do. It's now time to do.

Don't get me started on Urban sprawl though. I can't stand it, why do we keep chopping everything down to build McMansions?

*Based on my theory that:
1. You did not turn the computer on with the express intention of reading my blog.
2. You are either at work with the computer on anyway, or you have set aside a certain amount of entertainment/research time on the computer anyway.
Given that the above is correct: I have turned a web page that is majority white to majority black.
White = pixels on and consuming power.
Black = pixels off and not consuming power.


Lori Buff said...

Good for you and thank you for taking such actions to lessen your carbon foot print. I wish I could afford solar panels, I'd have them installed in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

only comment is if you print something that has a black background you use up a lot of ink on your printer....

andrew widdis said...

...but surely one would have asked permission.
I have not been asked, so far.