Sunday, February 26, 2012

Flat batteries.

I've spent the week trying to get my camera to work.
Camera kept saying "charge" and I had just charged it, and charged it again and again. So Yesterday I ordered a new battery. Guess what; last night I decided to disconnect the charger lead and insert again with full force and try one last time. Today my camera is working without incident.
Guess I'll have a spare battery now.
Pity I can't find the energy to work in my hot (29°C) studio.

The bowl in the image is one of many I made this last week. Will be bisqued tonight.
Am enjoying throwing at the moment (when the studio is cool enough); not so happy with my range of glazes though. Think I'll work on a dry white outer glaze over the next few weeks.

*blogspot have changed the post "compose" layout. I hope they don't start to change things as often as Facebook.
Where do I put the "tags".
Found it. It's now under "labels" though I like its new suggestion list.
Now what do I click to "publish".

Eek! I have to manually change the font colour now. 
Seems default is now black. And black on black does not work so well.

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Sadhana said...

I so enjoy your blogs Andrew.
I am only just getting the hang of blogging and commenting but I can see it becoming a real interest. Thank you for shareing what you do it is an inspiration