Saturday, August 8, 2015

Throwing feet.

I love the look of a small thrown foot.
I've done so many of these that I find it easier than trimming a foot now. Though I am still learning. I made a 40cm (rim diameter) bowl two days ago and threw a foot on it late yesterday. Just a little while ago I stamped my logo on the base and when I flipped it back over, it was too soft and I left a dent with my hands. I easily resolved this by spinning it on the wheel and gently pushed the impressions out. I sat it on its foot and it collapsed. I guess I had made it too soft with movement.
Oh such frustration. And a little bit of frustration. I should have left it overnight before stamping my logo into the base. Never rush clay.


Anna said...

it is very reassuring to hear that can still happen to you... you are right clay doesn't like to be rushed.

Lori Buff said...

We do work on the clay’s schedule don’t we.