Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dragon Mural.

Yin Yuan Classical Chinese Gardens.
"The staff and students of Latrobe University in Bendigo Australia were asked towards the end of 97 if they would be interested in making a ceramic tiled mural for the local Chinese association. As this was to be a voluntary commission over the summer break at first we were a little unsure but in the end a core group agreed to produce the mural"

Gary Hill.
It's stood the test of time well.
I visited The Golden Dragon Museum last week, mainly to view this mural. Well worth a look. It's interesting to see the slight variation of colour in the tiles. Obviously not done in an electric kiln. I found some areas of reduction. As well as some areas of reduction, I love how the application of glaze varies, obviously a result of having a team of people making it, and the sheer size. So, aside from the traditional story of the Dragon Mural, there’s a wonderful story in each individual tile of this mural. Just wish I could have found a thumb print.

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