Thursday, September 4, 2008

Garry Bish exhibition.

I went to an exhibition at The Bendigo Art Gallery today.
Simply stunning. The shading is made from layering the word "space" over and over. The interior of the vessels have a lovely not quite gloss black. These interiors also have a lovely thrown line, to give just a hint of the makers mark.
The best pieces are not shown here, nor in the lovely catalogue I purchased.
Entry is free, or at most, a donation. The catalogue is a steal too at $5AUD.
I'm going again tomorrow. It's that good.
Well done Mr. Bish.


23 August - 19 October
Bendigo Art Gallery.
42 View St, Bendigo, VIC. Australia. 3550.

This exhibition presents the work of locally based ceramic artist Garry Bish. Bish has recently completed his PhD at RMIT University and the work in this exhibition builds further on the ideas investigated during his doctoral research.In his work Bish shows a strong concern for an investigation of space, he interrogates the space between the painted pictorial image and the object on which it resides, the ‘between’ space. Bish believes the collaboration can promote a third composition, a synergy that inhabits the shadowy space between two and three dimensions – they are not quite one or the other. The artist says of his work: ‘I am preoccupied by the notion of space actual and inferred – the illusory space within the painted image, that enclosed by the vessel wall and the space the object occupies. More recent works develop the concept of space as a commodity, a finite resource, in a lateral mind game’

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