Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Follow my links without joining.

Twitter secretly.

There seem to be a number of you who are reluctant to Twitter. I understand this, I too refused, thought it was daggy (probably still do).

I do find it useful though for suggesting things to look at that I would not otherwise put up as a post.

Posting people’s photos without permission is a copyright issue.

I can put a link up as a post, but posts are boring and often skipped without a photo to grab ones attention.

So, with Twitter, being text only and less than 140 words; I can simply put a link to something I've found and want to share.


You can look at my Twitter without signing up to Twitter. You could possibly RSS it, though I have not tried to do that, so can not vouch for it.

Give it a go, check out my links at my Twitter.

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