Friday, April 17, 2009

Slab rolling.

I re-discovered my slab roller this week! 

I've almost run out of my usual clay. The only clay I have left in reasonable quantity has a habit of "S" cracking when thrown on a wheel. So, I dusted off the slab roller and have been having fun with it all week! And no "S" cracks.

I'm trying to make something nice for Object, as they asked me to consider "an exciting opportunity to exhibit in pourers"

I think I've nailed it, and I thank Object for challenging me.

I must say though; for some reason slab rolling has wrecked my hands. No, I did not get them caught or anything dire like that. The clay has dried my hands out to unparalleled levels. I think it's the dry wet dry wet combination of fiddling with the clay and slip. My hands handle a constant wet from throwing quite well, as long as I drink as much water as coffee. That means a lot of water for me. So I keep hydrated.

I will have to find a heavy duty moisturising cream. And a different barrier cream; my current one makes my hands greasy and sweaty, not good when glazing pots. And my favourite Nivea moisturiser just can’t keep up with the slab roller.

I'll let you know what I find. And, if you can recommend anything, please do.

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