Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vorto bowl/plate/platter/vessel.

378mm base 107mm high

Sometimes I get tired of making a particular vessel. And they can get left on the shelf for ever.
This large vessel was the last of a range I called "Vorto" derived from vortex. This was the largest one I made, and it may well be the reason I ran out of interest. It takes so much energy to make, not to mention the amount of porcelain it consumes. It stayed bisqued but unglazed on my studio shelf for nearly two years. Then last week I suddenly noticed it and though, I should finish that one.
So here it is. And sitting pretty on my ever growing collection of bricks.

About the bricks.
I make these bricks and use them to fill empty spaces in the kiln. I'm becoming obsessive about making sure I have a tightly packed kiln. I should make some longer ones. Maybe one day I'll have enough to build a bigger studio.

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Michele D. said...

Another beautiful piece. I never thought about a person being tired of making beautiful things, before. Maybe one day I'll suffer from the same ailment. :)