Saturday, December 4, 2010


My visual influence is in a state of constant change at the moment. Over the past years it has been a steady state of dry open forest with dead undergrowth and dry dusty soil.
For the last 15  months it has steadily been one of re growth. And since the beginning of Winter and especially now it has been one of deluge. A cloud burst delivering 10 - 20ml of water is not unusual. Weather that for the last 10+ years has been sunny days followed by hot sunny days has now become cloudy days followed by days of rain and threat of flood.
My local forest at the end of the Street has been a wonderland of colour this Winter. It started Winter with flooding rain and new streams of water cutting through the dead ground. Following this came meadows of colour, every couple of weeks saw new plants and flowers popping up on mass. every expedition saw me amazed at what was happening and often I just had to stand back in awe.

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