Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pretty ugly grubs.

I have no idea what they are. They are bizarre though. Their legs are up one end and every few seconds they flick the other half.
I'm aware that my blog has diverted from ceramics to insects. The weather just isn't inviting for doing work. We've just had four days of heavy rain (just under 200ml) today's hot and humid as heck. I'm considering retiring from work until Autumn. Then again, I need to eat, so I may have to just put up with it.
It's not usually humid in central Victoria, it's all the moisture from the rain. So, I hope by Monday the humidity will have gone, and I'll be able to find some energy.
As previously stated, I have lots of new ideas. And I do have some very interesting places asking for some pieces. So, I'm actually a little frustrated that the weather is messing me about.

Ooh, do I have some of that Connoisseur Ice Cream (think I've just wrecked that New Year resolution for any Aussie reading) left in the freezer.
I'll get to that potters wheel next week, I think?

Added Monday 14th Feb.

I don't want to turn this into a creepy crawlies blog, but...

I think I'll just keep adding them to this post.
So many big bugs I've never seen are popping out everywhere. It's a whole new world with all this rain.

Added Thursday 24th Feb.

 100mm in length; left side is its head

100mm in length; left side is its head 

It's in this book somewhere?


Anna said...

I'm pretty sure the single one is a moth caterpillar. Can't help with the top ones sorry.

Anna said...

Oh, I love those green ones! I used to think they belonged to a butterfly but having just Googled them it seems they belong to a Hawk Moth and Sydney is the Southern end of their range but you found them further south?

mrswoo said...

They certainly resemble English Hawk moth caterpillars.

Linda Starr said...

The last one looks like a tomato horn worm which turns into a large moth.

Michele D. said...

Looks like they're crawling on bleu cheese.