Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tenmoku glazed bowl; dipped side on.

Glazed Friday night; taken out of the kiln 30mins. ago.
I was glazing late on Friday. It's Winter here and getting dark and cold early. Running low on tenmoku glaze and wanting to load and fire the kiln without making more glaze for the one last bowl; I took a new approach and dipped the bowl sideways. Purposely leaving a gap on the outside as you can see in the photo. I adorned this gap with some dots of different coloured glaze. I think I like it. I think I'll do it to death in the next firing.

tenmoku glaze recipe:
whiting 14%
kaolin 10%
silica 41%
potash feldspar 34%
red iron oxide 8%

Make sure you glaze the vessel thinly, or it will pin hole badly.
Glazed thin, it is super smooth and glossy and breaks to a typical tenmoku tan colour on the rim.

*I always add feldspar last as feldspar tends to settle like corn starch if put in first; making it so much harder to mix and sieve.

Tenmoku: wikipedia link.


jim said...

hi andrew,
lovely bowl and beautiful photograph of it. it's cold there and hotter than hell here. cheers

lynny said...

I havnt visited your blog for a while and still find your bowls so peaceful. Sounds a strange word to describe a bowl, but they have a gentleness about them. I love this glaze idea