Friday, July 22, 2011


This shape/form is known as Yunomi in Japan; traditionally used for drinking tea.

This is my new favourite cup.
Glazed with a thin nuka (ash) glaze; the ash this time consists of only ash tree and has an addition of 3% bentonite, and I think the spots are from the bentonite.

Recipe for Nuka glaze, cone 10 Oxidation.

Wood ash_33
Potash Feldspar_33
Water_1.5 times the weight of dry ingredients. (consistency of full cream milk)

add 3% bentonite to help keep the glaze in suspension.
The downside of bentonite though is, it takes a lot of effort to sieve the first time.


Ridou Ridou said...

Beautiful, Andrew. I'm not sure about the stamp though...

Jay Wiese said...

Nice cup. Like the stamp too, actually- Not made at your local office supply store, I presume?