Monday, August 29, 2011

In a Native garden.

Growing proudly in my (mainly) indigenous garden (definitely no exotics, except the ever determined oxalis pes-caprae, It's a persistent devil), is this Pterostylis (Greenhood) orchid (Flower head: 30mm high, 20mm wide. Sepal tip to sepal tip: 25mm). 
I first found a "Greenhood orchid" in the Whipstick forest this time last year. Until then the forest had become a mainly dry desolate place, only the large Iron bark Eucalyptus, Wattle and Melaleuca decussata, in abundance, as a result of over 10 years drought. 
Now quite the contrary, all sorts of orchids have sprung up; including my other favourite, Leopard Orchid
Until last year the only orchid I had seen was Glossodia major; Itself quite beautiful, now growing twice its previous height.

Goldfields Revegetation Nursery has Nodding Greenhood Orchids for sale.

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annettemann said...

A beautiful poetic picture - I love the greens and the strangely layered background with shades of bluish and redish smokes. Annette

Anna said...

Ground orchids are always a surprise and delight to find. Must look for some on my next walk in the remnant bush nearby.

andrew widdis said...

It's a lovely effect; and pure luck that the shades and layers balance the greenhood orchid.
It's shot at an aperture of f1.8. Creating a very shallow depth of field. Hence a totally out of focus background.

Let me know what you find.