Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Soufflé bowl.

I seem to be spending my time procrastinating: looking back through previous work.
It has been a year of un reliable equipment for me. Earlier it was my potters wheel that was broken; resulting in the bees knees new direct drive wheel (that has a different lug setting for batts, of course. Resulting in the need to make new ones).
The latest is my kiln. It's electric with a Harco (electronic controller (a must have for the potter that enjoys sleeping regular hours)) kiln sitter. The last few firing have been a struggle. I thought that one of the elements must have been much older and delivering less energy. Turns out they are all delivering the same, all less than desirable. So, rather bravely, I decided to buy the Kanthal wire and wind new elements myself. As if getting an old element out of a kiln wall wasn't hard enough. I now find myself reluctant to start. 
I think this time I have raised the skill level too high.
At this point, I wish I still had access to a gas or even wood fire kiln. The usual ease of an electric kiln does have its trials.
I look forward to the time when I can fire at will again.

In the bowl pictured above, the yellow/orange is a reflection of the fire burning brightly in my studio fireplace (much needed this week). I love that this fire is producing part of the ingredients for my next ash glaze. 
So much of my practice in ceramics has more than one life or single use.

This vessel has a Tenmoku (recipe in a previous post) glaze.

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thehopefulpotter said...

Lovely pots, Andrew. Looking back through your posts, your work has a beautiful simplicity to it. A rare quality these days.