Monday, March 26, 2012


Simple bowl form thrown then scrapped from foot up to middle with a kidney tool on four sides, to make indentations. Vessel was then cut off the wheel head with a stretched spring, and roughly pulled off (see lifted/distorted foot to right side of base) wheel head.


Sadhana said...

I have been doing similar on and off wheel work.
Great to see your work :)

Anna said...

altering the form like can be tricky. My first attempts just look inept :( I like your glaze. Is the brown oxide or another glaze?

andrew widdis said...

Anna, Mamo glaze, red iron oxide brushwork.

Anna said...

I hadn't heard of Mamo glaze before, I like it.

Pippa said...

I love the form you have created with the pottery tools, nice touch! :)