Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glaze request.

Mamo glaze outside, subtle iron glaze inside.

Green (no copper) glaze request.
Trading for Mamo glaze below.

I made a full batch of glaze that was supposed to be a subtle green.
I was so sure I knew how to make a green glaze (oxidation atmosphere) with iron oxide (no copper) that I didn't test it before using it on a desired piece.
I understand the basics. Alkaline glaze should make iron green instead of brown.
So I simply replaced potash feldspar with soda feldspar. Didn't come close.
So now I have to do some research and many line tests.

Hoping you can give me a head start with an iron oxide (no copper etc.) cone10 ox. glaze.

I'll trade you my favourite Mamo glaze.
Cone 10. Oxidation.

Whiting 5
Kaolin 25
Dolomite 20
Potash feldspar 50


Anna said...

Hi Andrew, can't help you myself but if you are on Facebook there is a page called Glaze & clay Recipe Sharing. Mostly USA but might be useful.

sophie said...

Just had a quick squizz in Janet De Boos

Glaze 116

Soda Feldspar 60
Silica 25
Whiting 7.5
Ball Clay 5
Red Iron ...
she says add 3-4 parts - changes the glaze to a greenish honey colour.

I've used it a few times and it's a sort of dirty green (nothing like a copper green). But might shed some light on your test

sophie said...

Gorgeous bowl by the way