Saturday, January 5, 2013

Containment @ The Ian Potter Centre

Containment: 2012 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award

I loved it all, and just when I thought it could not possibly get any better; the next room was full of a who's who of 20th century studio ceramics. Though no Lucie Rie, Hans Coper or Bernard Leach, unfortunately.
I went with a bunch of friends visiting from O/S (U.K & Denmark); so it was a quick walk through (wanting to see more of the Potter gallery), and I think I missed a bit on the right side. I WILL go back again... and again.
To criticise it, I would have to say that everyone except probably Marian Hosking was in their safe space. No one was exploring new ground, just seeming to make their usual, but on a bigger scale.
So with that in mind, I think Marian Hosking deservedly won. Though they are all winners to me.

Containment: 2012 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award.
The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia | 23 November 2012 - 21 July 2013 | FREE

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