Friday, January 11, 2013

First bowls for 2013.

First bowls out of the kiln this year. All bowls were fault free, so bodes well for a good 2013.
I threw these bowls on the last day of 2012 and trimmed the foot on New Years day. Interesting that I spontaneously changed the inner foot (the bit that faces the table surface) to almost flat. I formed it with my thumb and compressed it with a hard bit of bamboo. I think it was just a reaction or tiredness to the mess created by the trimmings flying off and landing on the floor. This is the messy part and the bain of my studio practice. Using the thumb to form the desired shape rather than cutting the shape with a metal tool. The bamboo creates a slight recess. The other advantage to this is that there is no water to splash out when removing from the dishwasher.
So I think, a win win!


Jim said...

Beautifully done work. Texture and glazing very subtle.
Looking forward to seeing more soon.

Jim Franco

(a NYC-based photographer who began ceramics this summer and found your work after the obsession began!)

Elaine Bradley said...

These are really lovely, I especially like the sense of softness from the colours and the lines. The glaze looks so satiny - very well done. Hope the year is good to you.

Elaine Bradley said...
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