Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pin holes on bowls.

At first I didn't like the pinholes.
This is a beautiful smooth glossy white glaze on any other ^10 clay, but on this red stoneware it pinholes. I assume the clay is releasing gas, but even with a 60 minute soak at top temp. it does not resolve the pinholes. I've learnt to like them now. Perhaps I will try a glaze with out whiting at some stage to see if I can help the glaze, but perhaps I'll just settle for this. It's not too bad.


Anna said...

would the pinholes be a problem when the bowls are used for food? Would you consider a different glaze on the inside?

lukas said...

I love pinholes! Keep making both!! ;)

Andrew said...

I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you wash them in a super hot dishwasher and keep them completely dry any bacteria should not be able to survive.
My dishwasher heats to a point of steam drying the contents.
Also, these pinholes are in a glossy glaze and the pinholes have rounded corners and no rough spots for the bacteria to enjoy.
Surely you would only put my vessels on a sideboard to admire anyway :-)