Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last photo's/post, for a while.

My camera died today! These are cropped versions of the last photos, taken in my garden this morning. It was my favourite little camera, a Canon IXUS 500. I tried to buy a new battery for it last year in London, and the person behind the counter almost laughed. Said that's a very old camera, (bought in 2004) try eBay. So am I supposed to only expect 4 years service from a digital camera? Give me back my Canon EOS 630 with a roll of 35mm film. That camera never had a problem, and I even made a profit on the sale price.


Linda Lu said...

Sorry to hear about your camera! Nonetheless, your photographs are astounding!

Sophie Milne said...

These images are really beautiful Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I have good news. The IXUS 500 (aka Canon PowerShot S500) is one of the models affected by the faulty Sony sensor debacle. What this means is Canon is willing to replace the failed sensor for free if that is what is wrong with your camera, which appears to be the case. Google "Canon CCD advisory article" for more information.

andrew widdis said...

Thank-you so much! I just spoke with Canon and they said that if I send the camera to them and that it is the ccd that is faulty, they will repair it at no cost to me.
Luckily I consigned the camera to my camera museum and not the bin.
Again, thank-you.