Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fairfield Industrial Dog Object (FIDO)

"By Alistair Knox, Ian Sinclair, Jacki Staude and David Davies.

Through the use of sensors and digital controls, FIDO talks to passers by, wags its tail, wiggles its ears and lights up at night.The materials used, the form and the interactive nature of this monumental work were chosen specifically to respond to the friendliness and vitality of Fairfield Village and enhance the sense of community for this dog-loving precinct.Location: Fairfield"
I went to Melbourne/Fairfield to see a man about a dog. Lol!I went to town again this week. It's cold in Melbourne! So, another trip on the train, but with success this time. Though returning Friday night meant a full train. I was fortunate to have booked my seat though. So, reserved seat, lucky.

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