Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kangaroos and a reduction firing.

I had four kilns going today. The Raku kiln outside had some lamb bones sintering at 680 deg. c. But I thought it wise not to upload the photos. I'm going to make some bone china. The bones are from the paddocks of a farm. Denis collected them; so nothing gruesome, just all natural/organic.
Inside I had a gas kiln doing a reduction firing to 1280 deg. c. and two electric kilns doing a bisque fire. So, lots to attend to today. Also made some more filter pressed clay; or should I say Denis did, I did scarcely anything to help.
At lunchtime a mob of roos visited the studio. I think they enjoy the new patch of green grass. We’ve had some regular rain over the last month. Is the 8+ year drought coming to its end? Crossed fingers, lets hope.

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