Friday, May 2, 2008

Celedon tea cup.

From Tuesdays reduction firing. The stoneware clay for this cup was dug from a local disused clay pit. So it's as carbon friendly as a reduction fired, celedon glaze cup gets.

A reduction fire is one that burns all the available oxygen, usually done in a gas kiln, but also a wood fire kiln etc.. As apposed to an oxidation firing, usually done in an electric kiln, my kiln of choice as you don't need to fiddle with it all day. Just set the computer to adjust/increase the electricity as required.
A reduction firing limits the amount of oxygen and in doing so results in some unburnt fuel, creating smoke/carbon.
So, I figure my locally sourced clay has less transport created carbon, but carbon created in an inefficient firing. Hence my finished work is sort of carbon neutral. If anyone overseas wants to buy my work, I promise to plant some trees.

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