Thursday, May 8, 2008

Celedon bowl.

Tuesdays reduction firing. This is the same glaze as on the celedon tea cup. I've applied the glaze thicker, and adjusted the kiln draft flow. And you can clearly see a difference.
The clay body did not get good reduction though, so it's a khaki not a neutral grey. Even though I made a special effort to bring reduction on early (800 deg. c.)when the clay is still porous.

I will work on that again, as I much prefer the clay body be a mid grey.


Charlie said...

This looks kind of traditional/industrial chinese. Not industrial in the mass-produced sense, but like the (antique) chinese peasant bowles for everyday use. Very nice by the way.

andrew widdis said...

Yeah, that's the look I'm after.
The interest started at The British Museum's exhibition "crafting beauty in modern Japan" with a Shino bowl. Thick and chunky with an orange and white satin shino glaze.
Then I saw more shino tea ceremony bowls at the Tokyo National Museum.
I then remembered the desert bowls Gran brought back from Hong Kong in the 80's.
So I asked Mum for a look. She handed me four beautiful little bowls with an Ash glaze. Not unlike the one posted here (though mine is a celedon glaze). Simple, but each with there own personality, and the makers mark.