Friday, May 23, 2008

Whipstick State Forest.

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On Wednesday the sun made an appearance through the clouds. So I had to go for a drive through the forest to see what it looks like after a wash. It had rained three days out of the last four. Quite something given +8 years drought, more than a days rain is an event. The Whipstick State Forest is a box-ironbark and mallee "scrub" woodlands. It's truly beautiful, but one has to watch where they are going, from 1852 a gold rush left many unmarked shafts. Last year a trail biker found one and was badly injured when his bike landed on top of him at the bottom of the shaft, can't say I was upset. Those trail bike riders do so much damage.
I think I'll get a compass, and go for a further look next week!

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Charlie said...

Take a whistle and a flare!