Saturday, May 17, 2008

Celedon glaze.

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TOP Test bowls, a subtle Celedon glaze on a local Stoneware clay body. ABOVE The same glaze and clay body, but the glaze is applied twice as thick.

Further testing this Celedon glaze, I've decided subtle is best. For the following reasons.
To get the saturated blue the glaze needs to be thick, and this means some pooling of the glaze. The thick glaze tends to be more fluid when melting, this is most likely the case also for a thinner glaze, but it's just not as obvious. as you can see inside the cup there is less of the vibrant blue at the top. The thickness on the handle is a result of the glaze application.
This vivid blue is also not typical of my other work, and though colour is something I have done in the past, technicolour is not a road I want to go down.

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Charlie said...

I think the blue looks pretty cool... at least on the PC the blue looks quite subtle.