Friday, April 30, 2010

Bat Trang, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Yesterday I went to Bat Trang; A pottery Village 6KM South East of Hanoi.
The adventure really starts once you've crossed the Red river. The
road is a narrow strip of concrete, really only one lane wide.
Often seeing trucks coming from the opposite direction and thinking
there's no way we are going to get past. A few times we almost didn't,
pressed up hard against the dirt embankment, but somehow it all sorts itself out.
On arrival in Bat Trang, I initially avoided walking into any shops or
display centres. I went for a walk around the village for about an hour, finding some amazing
Ultimately I ended up at a huge ceramic market and overwhelmed for
choice, I walked away with a couple of little white porcelain bowls,
made in Bat Trang.

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