Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's been a long time coming but this Easter holiday, I decided to fix the windows. The original cement had been patched over by a previous owner and water had got in underneath. The concrete had a hollow sound. Someone had also put a silicon between the wood and the cement, and the wood is starting to rot. Two of the window ledges the cement had actually started breaking away.
Unfortunately my hard work ended in disaster. Just as I finished the final coat of cement, IT RAINED. I think it was actually a cloud burst. It came down in buckets, and you can see the result in the last photos. The cement is pitted. And in some spots it has actually peeled back onto itself, and then set. So I will now have to get the angle grinder out and re apply that last coat. We need the rain, but a little consideration in it's timing would be great.

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