Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vietnam trip.

Monday, 10th of may 2010.
Im on the train from bendigo to sunbury, then onto Tulla.
I think I left the kettle on but I know I turned the mains power off.
Why do I still worry that the kettle is going to melt and burn the
house down?

Vietnam, I'm on my way
Up up and away!

Apparently I'm just east of Mildura. That was quick. Pilot just said
we will fly over Birdsville and Tenant creek. Hope he says something
when we are, else I'll never know.

Darwin in about 4 hours. Here I come.

Oh, after going through check in and halfway to the security (xray) a
check-in person caught up to me and asked if I had two passport photos
for my visa. I don't. He phoned someone to double check if I need them,
apparently the requirements for business visas change regularly.
There's nothing to say I need them. Could be interesting when I get to
hcmc (Saigon). Hope they don't want any photos
for the visa. I have a passport pic on my mem stick, if I find a place
to print it at Darwin I will.
Lots of cloud below me now. Should try and get a quick nap. Only had
five hours last night. I hate to drible in public though.
Clouds breaking now. There's a beautiful creek below, is very bendy.
Winding back on itself all over the place. Not unlike the first pic on
my imageslider.blogspot blog. Must find some more images to upload to
that blog.

It's pretty dry country out the window now. Scattered trees and green
circles from sprinkler irrigation.

Melbourne to Darwin flight.
Everyones drinking bundaberg rum and/or Jim beam.

Just took some photos looking north east. Just south of Alice springs.
I think looking toward lake eyre?
Not sure if you know that last month Queensland had a once in a
hundred years drop of rain, and it's slowly moving south. Also, here
in central Australia it's below sea level. It's usually bone dry

6:29pm Darwin time.
Darwin airport.
It's so hot here!

At the gate waiting for boarding.
No change for a cold drink. So can't wait for in-flight service. Just
announced that hcmc flight is now boarding. Cold drink here I come.
Must also say the security check in was very friendly in Darwin.
Melbourne never is. I seem to get the same cranky guy every time.
Got to go to boardind now.

6:42pm. Darwin time.
Well I'm seated (window) on the plane. Hungry now. Not so thirsty,
infact it's chilly. Aircon on full bore. The aircon is pouring out
like dry ice, quite beatifull, the full length of the cabin has a mist
coming from above the windows between the cabin wall and the back of
the cabin baggage section.
Come on people, sit down, let's go.
Have to switch off for takeoff now. Yay. Cabin crew please prepare the
plane for departure.

7:14pm. Darwin rime.
Just taken off from Darwin.
A mad rush for seats as soon as the bell sounded. It was not the
announcement to take seat belts off though.
I booked a window seat down the back. I usually try to sit in front of
the wings so I don't get that exhaust vapour, but I may reconsider
that for future flights.
I was one of three in the last four rows and have my row to myself.
When the bell sounded someone quickly unbuckled and it was
On for young and old. Actually the old did not stand a chance.
Positions were taken and armrests put down; feet up and reclining
snooze positions taken.
It's pitch black outside. I should get a Baileys instead of that coke.

Im at hcmc walking along the long entry from disembarking the plane.
It's brand spanking new. Last time I was here it was so old. (1960/70)
To be continued...

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