Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bowl 15th-16th century?

This is a bowl I bought in Saigon (HCMC) this week.
Unfortunately the staff in the shop did not speak any English, and
I only know a couple Vietnamese words,  So I'm only left to my observations to work out it's date and origins.
It was in a special cabinet with a variety of ceramic and metal
All the characteristics seem right. A bare foot ring on the inside
base. Some little blisters in the glaze. Remains of two rims on the
outside, some inside. And the base of another inside. All nicely
slumped to one side.
Yes you could probably fake all this but I think I've been doing
ceramics long enough to read it. Besides the skills of throwing
something like this and slumping it just so would be considerable, and better rewarded making un slumped 15th-16th century reproductions.
But, If your from Vietnam and could do this, please contact me, I'm here
for two more weeks looking for a good thrower.


emidio said...

I always wonderd about the authenticity of the objects in the cabinet down the back of Nauticalia. They were very lovely but expensive

Anonymous said...

The Vietnamese blue-and-white wares (14th-16th century) were made at the kiln complexes of Hai Duong Province, such as Van Yen and Chu Dau-My Xa, Cay, Ngoi and Hop Le.
The Cu Lao Cham shipwreck off the coast of Hoi An town, Quang Nam Province (circa fifteenth century) : over 240,000 objects were recovered from the shipwreck from May 1997 to June 1999. These were mostly ceramics produced in Chu Dau kilns.

Yves said...

Loan de Fontbrune