Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Australian Ceramics Triennale 17-20 July 2009.

"The First Australian Ceramics Triennale (formerly the National Ceramics Conference) is to be held in Sydney from 17-20 July 2009.    The conference website is supplemented by a blog and we see this as a resource for all ceramicists, not just the ones attending the conference.  It is regularly updated and full of great images and exciting information about the speakers and events coming to Sydney in July.  For those able to attend the conference the blog will be an essential tool in giving extra insight into the conference program with images and links to the speakers websites, galeries and even vidoes of ceramicists in action!  For those unable to attend, the Australian Ceramics Triennale Blog  provides a dynamic and informative platform for an overview of contemporary ceramics, if you check it regularly there will be constant updates which will ramp up to 2 or three a day during the conference giving a virtual conference for you to experience.
Visit it at: 

Register for the conference and get further information on the conference website:"

I really hope to catch up with lots of you at the conference.
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