Friday, May 1, 2009

William Ricketts.

William Ricketts lived and worked on a 4 

acre fern and Mountain Ash covered gully in the Dandenongs from 1934 until his

 death in 1993.

He made sculptures from clay sourced f

rom Bendigo, Victoria. Fired them, then located them throughout his property

. Embedded into tree trunks and on massive rocks, as if they had always

 been there; expressing the idea that the original

 owners where still of the land taking care of it.

Method of construction:
Clay is pressed against a plaster mould to form the vessel and twig legs seperately, and assembled together later. This allows variation, as different twigs/legs can be attached. 
Similar jug by William Ricketts. Compare with photo above; note twig leg at back is different.

Following link is an ABC tv program taken in the grounds of William Rickets sanctuary.

Following link is information on William Ricketts sanctuary, by the Victorian state government.

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