Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shapes of the future.

Article from: The Australian

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Until June 7.
SEVERAL of the leading universities in the US recently published reports examining the role of the arts in education.

Last year Harvard and Stanford universities called for a greater presence for the arts on campus and in undergraduate and graduate programs. Earlier reports at the universities of Chicago, Princeton and Columbia appealed for similar far-reaching changes and reasserted, in the words of the Chicago report, that "art is a central activity of the life of the mind".

All these reports acknowledge the centrality of the arts in human endeavour. They also reinforce the importance of the visual and performing arts in fostering the ability of students to think imaginatively, to be creative risk-takers and, as the Stanford report adds, "to move gracefully through a world of rapid change". According to those who drafted the Harvard report, it is necessary, despite the grave economic environment, to "make the arts an integral part of the cognitive life of the university, for along with the sciences and the humanities, the arts -- as they are both experienced and practised -- are 'irreplaceable instruments of knowledge' that allow innovation and imagination to thrive on our campus, to educate and empower creative minds across all disciplines and to help shape the 21st century."

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