Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New _slab rolled_work.

Here they are, fresh from the kiln. My much anticipated (by me) new slab rolled work.
I really enjoyed the last few weeks making these.
A steep learning curve, but surprisingly a lot of the techniques required came from throwing.
My camera is not focusing, I hope to solve this by the end of the week. So, I will follow this post up with some detailed shots, when the camera allows.


Studio Terrafemina said...

I like the set Andrew. I like the stripey detail with your stamp hanging upon the end... Yup Yup, nice work.
My slab roller is in storage and I have been trying for about three months now to fetch it. I need big burly men and lots of them for this grand ole Madrae. Whoa she-is-a-heavy!

carole epp said...

looking lovely! good luck with the show.

shannon said...

Very beautiful. I think they still having a throwing sensibility. It is interesting!

Sophie Milne said...

I really, really like them Andrew. They seem very much you in the way that they reflect your surroundings and because the technique is so refined. I love how quiet and natural they appear.