Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Government’s response to 2020 Summit recommendations

  • considering development of a national cultural policy
  • funding a $5.2 million Artists-in-Residence program over four years to improve access to quality artistic experiences for students in primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions (already being implemented. Memoranda of Understanding are being developed between the Australia Council and the Arts and Education Agencies in each state and territory) 
  • the agreement by all federal, state and territory education ministers on 17 April 2009 that arts be included in the national curriculum
  • providing $6.6 million over four years to the Opportunities for Young and Emerging Artists program, which will include a significant national mentoring component (already being implemented through the Australia Council)
  • provide start up assistance for emerging artists and a review of the current state of artists’ incomes
  • implement the ArtStart program, which will introduce initiatives that enable artists currently on welfare greater opportunities to produce work and generate employment
  • in relation to establishment of an Indigenous Knowledge Centre, initiate a comprehensive feasibility study to engage the indigenous and wider communities and existing institutions to develop options for the most effective way to strengthen and support indigenous culture
  • consider a number of support mechanisms for the arts, including in relation to private sector support. The Government commented that a national endowment fund could be considered in that context
  • philanthropic tax incentives which will fall within the broad scope of the Government’s Review of Australia’s Future Tax System and possibly other reviews of the not-for-profit sector
  • prioritise sustainable urban design issues through the creation of the Major Cities Unit within the Infrastructure portfolio
  • ratifying the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity for which a draft National Interest Analysis has been prepared. Ratification is expected in 2009
  • the active promotion of Australian arts and culture internationally through the Government’s overseas network of Australian diplomatic posts and interagency arrangements.

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