Friday, May 21, 2010

Boats on the Saigon river.

I was fascinated by the Saigon river.
A working river with an endless procession of beautiful boats/ships.

Though It's an achievement just to get to the shore of the Saigon river. You have to cross six lanes of non stop traffic. For your first attempt I suggest you wait until some locals cross, just associate yourself with them on the crossing. Perhaps even close your eyes, walk in a straight steady line and prey. You will make it? It's just a matter of courage. Once over, the view of such a broad and busy working river makes the near death experience worth it. I think?
No, all joking aside, it's a wonderful experience. So different to our small a drought affected rivers in Australia.
At night the banks are crowded with locals. I assume escaping the balmy night heat.


pearl said...

gonna be there the end of this year!!very nice photoes.

andrew widdis said...

Enjoy your trip.
I did.