Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was just starting to think about heading off to bed, when I heard
the most enormous bang! It was repeated then I realized it was
fireworks. The whole place felt like it was blowing up! Cheers from
the streets below my hotel room even more horns than normal and
flashes as bright as daylight.
I had to get down there to see what was going on. Everyone in the
street had stopped to look up and witness the fireworks. So I too got
out into the street and looked up. I walked on down to the main Road
that runs along Hoan Kiem Lake. Wow! So many people and all looking up
When the fireworks stopped though, I realized my mistake. The
motorbikes all started their engines, but with total gridlock they
could not move, and neither could I. I almost died from the exhaust
fumes, my throat still feels horrid and my eyes feel like they've
been in a sand storm.
It was a fantastic experience though.

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